Write Because You Miss Your Loved One

Dear Friend,

If you are visiting this site, you are likely in the process of grieving for someone you have lost to Covid-19. Each person’s needs are different and we all mourn in varied ways. But there is one aspect of mourning that is universal: To heal, we must remember, and when we do, what happens to these memories matters.

A time-honored way to honor the deceased is by writing about them. The process helps you to strengthen meaningful ongoing relationships with people you have lost, and creates connections which transcend death. Writing down specific stories and details is a necessary form of personal preservation and resiliency.

If you want to honor a lost loved one or friend, WhoWeLostKY wants to help with this process. Due to the successful distribution of vaccines, and the sense that we are, at last, headed toward a brighter future, some may fear that we could collectively forget the individual lives cut short. This anxiety is intensified because the pandemic deprived us of public mourning rituals, like funerals and memorial services. And although social media posts are useful, they don’t endure or fix the damage that quarantine and isolation has caused while forcing us to mourn alone.

In many ways, we are all mourning.  And we will be for a long time. So, let’s start healing. Let’s start writing . . .